What are Credits?

Credits are the "Currency" used on the site for various extras for your account.

You automatically get 75 Credits for joining and can easily build on that by participating on the site.

Here are the current Credits charges..

  • Send Virtual Gift - 5 Credits
  • Make A Video Call - 1 Credit Per Minute
  • Become A Superstar - 25 Credits
  • Profile Hotlist - 25 Credits

How Do I Earn Credits?

You can earn Credits by doing the following...

  • Daily Login - 5 Credits
  • Post A Photo - 5 Credits
  • Add A Video - 5 Credits
  • Newsfeed Comments - 2 Credits
  • Add A Blog Post - 10 Credits
  • Add An Event - 10 Credits
You may also buy Credit packs at anytime.

Why Should I Buy Credits?

While you can have a completely FREE experience here on the site Buying Credits helps do the following...

1. Helps maintain the site, add features and upgrades and offer a "Living" wage to employees.

2. 25% of all purchases goes directly to Charity.

Can I Pause My Account?

Yes, please just Contact Us and we can pause/suspend your account for as long as you choose..

Can I Delete My Account?

Yes, just Contact Us and request that your account be deleted and it will be fully removed from our system.

Please note: This action is irreversible and once completed your Profile will be gone forever.

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